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"Personal Styling For Real People"

Jill Bronstein, Founder

Jill is a Los Angeles based stylist who believes that real women crave the same service and attention that up until now has been afforded to a select few. Personal Styling. She was a psychotherapist for over a decade, and that experience taught her how to help her clients communicate their authentic selves through the way they dress.


Jill loves the challenge of creating looks for her clients that are distinctive and flattering. Though she pays attention to current trends, Jill believes that a woman shines best when dressed in timeless pieces with a modern edge. Her goal is to help women develop their personal style and remain loyal to it with her four-step approach; style assessment, closet edit and organization, personal shopping, and personal styling.

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We offer 1 on 1 services and customized packages to meet your budget and your needs. We'd be delighted to help you define or refine your personal style, one that suits your life and sets you apart. All new clients must start with the Style Salon Statement package.


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Style Savvy

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We are often asked what it is like to have a personal stylist. The good news is we are offering a window into our secrets of effortless personal style in our online course.


- Discover your signature style

- Edit and organize your closet to inspire joy

- Align your taste with your lifestyle

- Shop with purpose

- Learn to pack like a pro


Be Style Savvy- Join our 5-week online course. Recorded program available upon request

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Style Savvy


If you're interested in styling services, contact us today to schedule a free call.


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Personalized Style Assessment and Wardrobe Recommendations. Created for those who are beginning their style journey.


Includes- 30 minute phone consultation to determine personal style, lifestyle and goals & email follow-up with curated online suggestions of specific looks that meet your assessment goals.



In-Person or Virtual Style and Wardrobe Revamp for new clients. My signature package will change your relationship to your style and wardrobe long term.


Includes- Personalized Style Assessment, Closet Edit and Organization, Wardrobe Assessment, Personal Shopping and Personal Styling.



A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That. Choose 3 of 5 offered services that best suit your needs. Offered to existing clients or new clients who have completed the Style Salon Statement.


Choose from- Closet Edit and Organization, Personal Shopping, Personal Styling, Special Events, Travel Pack-Ups.



A La Carte Services for Existing Clients


Closet Edit and Organization, Personal Shopping, Personal Styling, Special Events, Travel Pack-Ups.


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